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“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” ~ Eugene Ionesco


Ever since my sixth grade teacher gave me double ticks for using the word ‘cascading’ in the right context, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember ūüôā ¬† ¬†To date I have ten fiction books and a bunch of articles published world-wide under a¬†pseudonym. ¬†I also have many years’ experience as a¬†creative writing teacher and speaker, both locally and at national conferences.

My first love has always been historical fiction Рreading it, then writing it.  Right now, my current works-in-progress are  two series set in 17th century France:   Le Grand Siècle is three novels about power, murder and intrigue in the court of Louis XIV.  The second series  (The Confessions of Monsieur E) follows the adventures of a provincial boy and the debaucheries of the rich and powerful nobles of Paris.

Oh, and there’s also this little beauty….¬†


(co-written with Aurora von Goeth) I am thrilled to announce our non-fiction Louis XIV biography was released in June 2018 by UK publisher  Pen and Sword Books. 

Innovator. Tyrant. Consummate showman. Passionate lover of women.

After the death of King Louis XIII in 1643, the French crown went to his first-born son and heir, four-year old Louis XIV. In the extraordinary seventy-two years that followed, Louis le Grand – France’s self-styled Sun King – ruled France and its people, leaving his unique and permanent mark on history and shaping fashion, art, culture and architecture like none other before.

This frank and concise book gives the reader a personal glimpse into the Sun King’s life and times as we follow his rise in power and influence: from a miraculous royal birth no one ever expected to the rise of king as absolute monarch, through the evolution of the glittering Ch√Ęteau de Versailles, scandals and poison, four wars and many more mistresses… right up to his final days.

Absolute monarch. Appointed by God.

This is Louis XIV, the man. We will uncover his glorious and not-so-glorious obsessions. His debilitating health issues. His drive and passions. And we will dispel some myths, plus reveal the people in his intimate circle working behind the scenes on the Louis propaganda machine to ensure his legacy stayed in the history books forever. This easy-to-read narrative is accompanied by a plethora of little-known artworks, so if you re a Louis XIV fan or student, or just eager to know more about France’s most famous king, we invite you to delve into court life of 17th century French aristocracy, the period known as Le Grand Si√®cle¬†– The Grand Century.


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“5 out of 5 stars – An interesting and compact biography of the Sun King. A good starting book, with a lot of great pictures.”

“An engaging, quick little biography of the famous French monarch.”

“…The great aspect and selling point of this book is that it provides a readable comprehensive foundation on the life of Louis XIV.”