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The one with the baby, the punch up in a dress and hey, ‘Let’s GO TO WAR!” – Versailles Episode 2

Read all about my review of Episode 1 here. EPISODE TWO So now we have the worst possible outcome for King Louis  – his Queen not only slept with another man, but the resulting child is black.  Let that sink in….. The King of France, the man who fancies himself the most powerful in all of Europe. Cuckolded by his… Read more »

The One Where I Talk Versailles (the series) and Writing

What better way to start my new blog than to talk about Canal+ new series spectacle, Versailles?  And as I do this I will discuss certain aspects that are within my realms of experience – mainly, the writing. So let’s get the major issue aside right now – the history. Yes, it is a show about historical figures –  Louis… Read more »