The one where we gift you all something (hopefully) fun and cool

And so, I would like to share the little gift Aurora and I have made for all you lovely people to show our appreciation for all the likes, comments and tweets throughout the year.

All the treats are Versailles and 17th century France-related, so we hope it’s new and unique and interesting for you. But be warned, you cannot click ahead and cheat – I tried and it won’t let me!

6 thoughts on “The one where we gift you all something (hopefully) fun and cool

  1. Dian Duncan

    Wow that’s awesome thank you both very much & thanks for all the posts & updates.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  2. Mary-Anne Bourke

    Cher Jules, merci beaucoup!! The Advent calendar is gorgeous! Loved day 4 and the rendering of Phillipe’s Chateau de Saint-Cloud and the very atmospheric music which accompanied the visuals. So sadly evocative of a lost world.

    Just been re-visiting Verailles via your excellent summaries and other informative essays.

    There is to be a major exhibition in the National Gallery in Canberra over the next few months of wonderful pieces from Versailles including one of the fountains….must get my tickets!!

    Heureux Noel!!

    Best wishes

  3. Mary-Anne Bourke

    I just looked at the surprise for 9/12 on the Advent calendar. Wow!!! 7yo drew that!!! Would love to see more so am straight to the Google machine! Once again Jules, merci beaucoup! C’est magnific!


  4. Dian Duncan

    Day 9 Had Louis not been born to be King he would have made a great architect. This drawing illustrates his talent at a tender age. It is easy to see why Versailles became the beautiful Château it did & to this day is still incomparable


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