The one where there’s a brand new book!

I make stuff up for fun and (sometimes) profit. So it was quite a different world I dove into when my partner in crime Aurora von Goeth said we should write a biography on Louis XIV.  Mucho scribbling immediately began, and now, many many months later, and with one hell of a learning curve behind us, we are proud to announce Pen & Sword books will be publishing our book baby.

What should you expect? It’s all about Louis XIV from birth to death, the people around him, the wars and fashion and mistresses and all the good (and not so good) things. Imagine us sitting next to you in a fancy elegant salon, courtiers swirling around, eating and dancing and having a good time,  and us whispering behind our fans to gossip about Louis – but all of it is true. Yep,  like getting a sneak peak into his everyday life and times. With pictures!

If you are new to the Sun King, it will most definitely give you a good introduction. If you’ve already read bits and pieces on Louis Le Grand then we’re pretty sure there will still be some tidbits to inform and surprise.  Pre-ordering will be available towards the end of the year, with a publication date for Spring 2018 (just in time for Season 3 of Versailles 🙂 ).  We will keep you all informed of our journey and hope you are excited as us to share Louis XIV to the world!

9 thoughts on “The one where there’s a brand new book!

  1. Jenny Webb

    Cannot wait for the book to published. Will it be in paper format? I do hope so. I really enjoy your reviews and find them very informative. I like to know the ‘real’ history while still enjoying the series, which I think has developed into one of the best things on TV. All the cast are good but I have to sayAlex is outstanding.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Hi Jenny! We can’t wait either! 😀 Yes, it will be in paperback. As much as ebooks satisfy my “I must have it NOW!” need, I would much rather have an actual book in my hands.

  2. Ashley Mead

    Jules, that’s wonderful news! Your episode guides on Versailles have been invaluable to me regarding the names of characters and things I’ve missed. Myou husband is taking me to Versailles end of June. My first visit.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      That is awesome, Ashley! You will love it! We bought a Paris Museum Pass because it will take more than one day to absorb it all (and you get a lot more attractions on the pass – Louvre, Fontainebleau, etc). Also, every Monday Versailles is closed, so I would advise not going on the Tuesday because of all the crowds. As you can imagine, there are LOTS of tourists, so be prepared for a good hour wait in the line, plus lots of people blocking your view when you want to take a pic of things :/ Next time I visit, I’m thinking of taking a full week in the town so I can do proper research 🙂

  3. Miranda Allen

    I am so thrilled for both of you and cannot wait to own a copy!! Congratulations!

  4. Tess

    Congratulations! I secretly hope we can also whisper a little about Philippe in addition to gossiping about Louis 🙂

  5. Mary-Anne Bourke

    Well done Jules. Glad it is paper, Louis would want a glorious production with tons of gilt, paintings, marble, porphyry, mirrors,mirrors and more mirrors!!! E book could not do it justice. Although I think he would have been at the forefront of tech advances if he had been born 350 years later! Bonne chance with the publication etc

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