What can we expect for Versailles Season 3?

As Season Two  currently screens on Aussie TVs and the US impatiently waits until September for their turn, I thought I’d take a shot at what I think will happen in Season Three.  So…. mild spoilers ahoy! Read at your own peril.



Liselotte was pregnant and not yet showing.

Philippe leaves to make war on the Dutch, his relationship with Louis strong and good.

Philippe and the Chevalier kinda sorta make up, and Philippe kinda sorta implies that the Chevalier would be a good father for his unborn child should he not return from war

Bodycount…. Thirteen-plus (Thomas – shot.  Madeline de Foix, Minister de Reynard and his wife, Cassel and Claudine – poisoned. Agathe – burned at the stake. Father Etienne and Jacques – stabbed. Father Pascal – poisoned then hung. Rohan – beheaded.  Colbert’s niece – drowned. Montespan’s former lady – strangled. Cassel’s glorious rat – poisoned.  A lot of innocent Germans in the Palatinate were murdered. A bunch of soldiers in the French and Dutch armies were killed in battle. And random nameless nobles were poisoned, including a noble couple Gaston was blackmailing and Luxembourg’s father-in-law).

Luxembourg and Gaston were arrested. Sophie ran away after the Chevalier shot Thomas.



All our favourites (who haven’t already died) are returning.

via writer/director Richard Clark’s Instagram @rrclarkie

Season Two was all about the poisoning. Season Three will not be.

Philippe is at war, and will eventually come home from war. This will mean that Season Three should logically pick up not that long after end of Season Two.

There is a baby. It most likely looks to be Philippe and Liselotte’s. It is a boy. (yes, their first born was a boy.  An heir for Philippe! But yeah…. don’t get too happy. Historically, he dies before his third birthday)

There are some fabulous new wigs. The Chevalier will get the best one yet and it looks right out of the 80s, where it was all about the flicks. GLORIOUS.

Some cryptic eery pics on Alex’s Instagram….


via Alex’s Instagram @vlavla

Philippe ends up in water somehow, somewhere. He has a war wig and it is wet.

Alex Vlahos has said there will be a teaming up of Marchal and Philippe to do… something. Does this mean we may see a CSI:Versailles???   There are also heavy hints about a man in an iron mask thread and I speculate this has something to do with Marchal/Philippe.

Fabulous coats and dresses.



Philippe in glorious war victory against the Dutch and Louis will be mega pissed off that his little brother returns to get all the glory. Srsly, people sang and danced in the streets when he came back and they made poems and sonnets about him. It was fabulous and Louis hated it all. Philippe never went to war ever again.

Liselotte and Philippe’s baby, Alexandre. I suspect there could be lots and lots of shitty jealousy from the Chevalier… or maybe not.  Hopefully, we may get to see Philippe with his daughters, too.  And Liselotte, who adored them both. I WANT THAT.

Liselotte writing copious blunt letters to her relatives about all the shit that goes on in Versailles.  This would be really cool because, you know, Liselotte is famous for her fabulous letters and a much-used resource into court life at the time.

Louis and Liselotte creating a stronger bond through their love of outdoors, hunting and riding.

Fabien Marchal and his smexy broody anti-hero thing. Stomping on heads and taking down names. Throwing people into jail.

Montespan still hanging about, creating a cover for Louis and his growing love for Maintenon. Ugh. Maintenon. I dislike her and what she does to Louis, but this relationship will be his major one in Season Three, I think. I do hope we get to see more of the mistresses Louis had between Montespan and Maintenon, especially the duchesse de Fontanges and the princesse Monaco.

We will see what happened to Sophie! Pleeeeease have her come back and finally be happy with someone.

There will most def. be some new faces, because there is only so much you can fictionalise with real historical characters and Versailles most definitely must keep up its death and blood and much sexytimes reputation. To give all those pearl clutchers something to flap and whine about.

More Chevalier/Philippe kissing,

More William of Orange, and possibly him taking the English crown with his wife Mary.

Drama and tension.

The Dauphin, young Louis and heir to the throne.



The Chevalier and the Marquis d’Effiat in the Dutch war (as per history) because it would’ve been awesome with all the fighting and the fancy decoration of Philippe’s tent, then the Chevalier being wounded and Philippe going all flaily and protective and demanding he recuperate in his fabulous tent. (But most likely that will not happen).

More Charles II. I love him.

Lingering longer on the rooms, the decorations, the scenery.

A little more historical accuracy. (those armchairs…. dear Lord).

Diane de Thianges, Duchess of Nevers by Mignard (with her son Gabriel and daughter Diane Gabrielle Victoire) c1675

ANY OF THE MANCINIS. OMGGGGG. Someone, anyone!!!  Marie (first love of Louis) and Hortense’s escape from Rome (and Marie’s crazy husband who wanted to kill her), with the help of their brother, Philippe-Jules. They needed Louis’ permission to return to Paris, and then Hortense’s lunatic husband demanded she return to him and Lordy,  the drama  pretty much rivaled the scale of OJ Simpson back in the 17th century.  The Mancinis were talked about everywhere, their dresses and fashions imitated, they were constantly gossiped about and were frequently mentioned in the tabloid of the day, the Mercure Galant.  Louis XIV even told Philippe-Jules that he was to marry Montespan’s niece, the gorgeous Diane-Gabrielle de Damas de Thianges (Diane’s mother Gabrielle was Montespan’s sister who was also rumoured to be sharing Louis’ bed).  Diane also attracted Louis’ eye at some point, which so angered Philippe-Jules that he used to take off to Rome – wife in tow – without warning.   Marie, Olympe and Hortense were not only rumoured to be lovers of Louis XIV, but also of the Chevalier de Lorraine. What a scene you could write about that 🙂

The Marquis d’Effiat. Close friend of the Chevalier and Philippe, suspect in poisoning Henriette, he was a member of Philippe’s household and involved in many of the intrigues.

Molière – playwright and composer.  Jean-Baptiste Lully – first started in Le Grand Mademoiselle’s household, then Philippe’s, then became Louis’ court composer.  He was also a scandalous lover of boys, especially the ones who worked for him.

The Chevalier being bad-ass awesome, like shooting or stabbing anyone who dares lay a hand on his Philippe

Maintenon actually doing her fucking job as nanny to the king and Montespan’s children

More of Marchal’s Chief Musketeer

Fabien Marchal happy. Or hell, maybe just smiling once or twice.



Marchal stumbling upon a mysterious man in the iron mask, Philippe then finding out and uncovering that it is Louis’ twin brother, then having a major heart/feels moment when he realises he could install this Louis Version 2 on the throne and it would be much better because Louis Version 2 is nicer to him. The Chevalier getting in his ear about it. Then of course, he choses to do the right thing when he rediscovers a renewed love for his original Louis Version 1.

Maintenon getting all sexytimes with Louis. I dislike her a lot.

Drama between the Chevalier and Philippe that is meant to ‘test the bonds of their love’ but could be resolved if they just sat down and talked.

Any kind of romantic relationship between the Chevalier and Liselotte, or Louis and Liselotte. NO.

The Chevalier taking drugs, dealing drugs, and/or being a whiny pants.

75 thoughts on “What can we expect for Versailles Season 3?

  1. Mary-Anne Bourke

    Excellent ideas!

    Most likely S3 will have death of Marie Therese
    According to Louis it was the only time she caused him any trouble….poor queen so looked over but she did her duty and gave Louis a live and surviving heir in the Dauphin….who went on to produce 3 males heirs! Things were looking good for the house of Bourbon until Duc de Bourgogne et famille all fell to some plaguey smallpox and Anjou off to Spain as King!

    Agree Moliere and Lully give fantastic story opps. I think you mentioned the film about Lully and I have Seen snippets on YouTube. Beautiful costumes, music and tres sexy character So!

    Queen’s death gives Louis the chance to marry for love not duty. But Maintenon??? I share your views. Catholic bigot who gets Louis to revoke Treaty of Nantes which pees off the Hugenots AGAIN. And brings a dampener to Versailles ….but I suppose they were all getting older so maybe time to grow up and behave .

    Love the Palantine and vive Marchal, long may he hound and torment the enemies of the King.

    Absolutely need the Mancinis…almost a spin off series of their own! So much juicy material to mine!

    I am just staying with the SBS showing of S2 but did read ahead on your posts as they compliment and enhance the viewing. Merci beaucoup Jules.


    1. George Lastrapes

      “As we know, Louis died in his forties…” So wrote Mr. Parker.
      Louis XIV died four days short of his seventy-seventh birthday.
      Perhaps not a glaring error (So many Louis to keep track of).

  2. Andrea

    I just wish there was more historical accuracy. I am sure there is loads of material to draw upon. There again, at least I have an excuse to come back here to read your latest musings 😉

    I wish they would revamp “inside Versailles”. I can’t stand Professor whatshername and her coquettish demeanour. I am sure she is a very clever and capable academic, so why does she have to play the part of the dumb one (unlike whatshisname)? They could make it longer as well and actually try to inform us.

  3. B.

    I really need for the Chevalier to start pronouncing MACARON instead of MACAROON. I can’t tell you how insane it makes me that a French character is pronouncing the word wrong and yet no one seems to correct this when filming. I can’t wait for Season 3, I already watched Season 2 and own it on DVD, even though it won’t start airing here until September. I am excited to see the Man in the Iron Mask story with Philippe and Fabian, as it will be fun to see the actors get to work together more. I’ve given up on historical accuracy after season 2, historical accuracy is out the window for me.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Lordy, yessss to the macaron/macaroon! They are two different things – macaron being the yummeh meringue-thingy with the creamy filling, and the macaroon is the coconut/egg white bite-sized cakey thing that looks like a massive pixie hat.

  4. Tess

    OMG, we have similar hopes and fears about season 3 🙂
    I have to admit that I am looking forward to the war scenes with Philippe, I hope there will be a lot of them. On the other hand, I know that the Chevalier will be missing there… Just imagine, MonChevy in a joint charge, it would be a breathtaking view. In general I would like to see the Chevalier in the horseback scenes. I saw one pic of Evan on a horse, so maybe…
    I’m very curious how will change the character of Sophie. I suspect that she still won’t find happiness, because this is the type of character who constantly struggles with adversity. I’m afraid that in season 3 Sophie can become a Dutch spy and seek vengeance for Thomas’s death. Will she become the second Marquise de Montespan, cynical intrigante? We’ll see. My heart would suffer a little, but what a character to play!
    I’m intrigued by a new face in the show, Delphine. Can this be a historical figure? Anyone with that name fits her? Speaking of historical figures, I also want the Mancinis and the Marquis d’Effiat. I want them sooo badly. That’s why there must be another season, and you have to be one of the writers 😉
    As for the story of Man in the Iron Mask, I have a slightly different idea. Since Philippe and Fabien are involved in this, maybe the mysterious prisoner will be Monsieur’s twin brother, not Louis’s. Philippe would have a problem. Should he reveal the secret and possibly fall into third place at the court, or let the twin stay in prison? Alex Vlahos in double role?! Why not… 😉
    P.S. I like your ‘death statistics’. By the way, are you already working on the list of naughty scenes in season 2? *innocent face*

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Maybe, if there is no Season 4, I will write a 10-ep script, put it on a password-protected page on my site and charge $1 for each ep 🙂 I haven’t read further into the new girl Delphine as yet…. and yes, I am working on the Sexytimes for Season 2! (also NO to that Iron Mask idea. NOOOOOO)

      1. Tess

        What a dilemma!! I desperately want season 4 on TV AND your script! Maybe just tell me honestly: do you want to be a rich woman or not? If you want, the matter is simple. Regardless of the producers decision, you will write your version. My $10 is already waiting… 🙂

          1. Tess

            *sets up a sub-account under the name “Versailles season 4. The best possible version” and hopes that the script will have at least 24 episodes* 😉

    2. Maggie

      Alas, Alex Vlahos said there were no riding scenes for the Chevalier in S3. Evan is pictured on a horse because he “grabbed” Alex’s horse and rode it.

      1. Tess

        I know, but it was in the middle of the filming, so I do not lose hope… Alex might not have known of some scenes that were scheduled for later dates.

  5. Gerard

    Australia thanks you! This show is on par with Games of Thrones with it’s political intrigue. Different genres perhaps, but such magnificent scope. I just binged watched season 1 & 2 & now I am exhausted! I am very excited for season 3. But first I must sleep.

    I too will read your season 4 if it does not eventuate.

    I also look forward to reading your book.

  6. Mimi Rosa Mendez

    Oh no! The Queen dies? I adore her and her death stares. If looks could kill, a whole lot of people would be dead.

    This is all new to me, we never studied France or any of their Kings at school in the UK. But I must admit, I am loving it.

    I would love to see Sophie come back and be happy for once – not with Marchal as that would be #totesawks. He banged the living daylights out of her Mom and now her? Oh no. #cringe!

    I wonder what happens to that De Foix or Du Foix? Will they release him? Might he hatch a plan with Sophie? Might Agathe the witch come back as an evil spirit and do some super naughty things?

    With the Queen dying and Monte Spawn not having much of a role, I hope they finally give Liselotte a chance to shine. #totesadoreher

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      It does depend on when S3 starts, Mimi. Some of the current photos coming from the cast and crew show the chapel, and people have commented that it looks like a funeral setting. As to Gaston, they could very well finish his story line in the first ep of S3, like they did with Rohan in S2. Get it over and done with.

  7. Lisa

    You want, and not want, the same as I. Much as I found Chevalier to be fun to watch, I heartily disliked him as inept bafoon. And though I would like a working menage trois between him, Philippe and Liselotte, I don’t mean it in a sexual context, if you see what I mean.

    And please, oh please, let Fabien and Sophie find happiness. Personally I would love if they found it with each other. Sophie’s smart and resourceful and not cowed by him, and it is clear afabien has come to genuinely care for her. But I suppose it will not come to pass, due to Beatrice. My prediction is that Fabien will go after Sophie, and then, eventually, let her leave again. And if season 3 is the final season, then I fear he will be killed. I eould find this prediction highly unsatisfying if it happens! And please, please, please don’t make Sophie switch sides and work for William of Orange. I feel it would be a very lazy script-writing if that happens.

    Though Maintenon never was a favourite, I always thought she must have posessed a great deal of charn and personal warmth. But we see nothing of that in the show, which makes Louis attraction to her baffling. I also find the actress playing her rather bland. The show has a lot of great female characters, but Maintenon is not one of them.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Historically, it appears that Maintenon provides Louis with the spiritual guidance/comfort that he needs, as an older, sicker Louis experiences doubt with his warring ways. They also bonded over her genuine concern and affection for all his children. As I’ve mentioned in my reviews, I find the way she is written in the show not fully rounded…. there is a lack of logical growth in her and Louis’ relationship that should have been centered more around his kids, IMO. Felt too rushed.

  8. christine

    In the episode 10 post you said there would be a sexy moments post, is that still coming?

  9. Jenny Webb

    I really enjoy and appreciate your reviews and the comments they provoke. However, I read somewhere that as you are increasingly busy you where going to drop the episodebyepisode reviews. I do hope this is untrue. I absolutely love Versailles and your reviews really enhance that enjoyment as well as adding the educational aspect. I too look forward to your book and I would pay for an pisode guide. I want more Philippe d’Orleans. Jenny

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      It is a thought, Jenny…. if S3 goes down the Man in the Iron Mask route, there will be little to compare with the actual history, so my reviews could just be extensive ranty posts 😉 That could get tiring and old for readers…?

  10. Allen Bickford

    vERSAILLE is to me the most enjoyable tv series I have ever seen..I love it ,and the casting and writing acting and direction is superb ,Congrats to all the cast..and all involved in the costume and makeup all departments who helped make this series a classic.
    Versaille to me is life itself, we get to live this court..superb in every way, and so daringly done..not an easy task..thank you all of you.As an actor I would love to have been in it.(I was in Ned Kelly with Mick Jagger and Tony Richardson)in Australia.
    Versaille is compulsive viewing I set my weeks schedule by it.
    I want three, four, five series etc..George is brilliant as Louise, the part of his lifetime career I am sure that will make him famous,as he was not widely known before this stunning portrayal of Louise of his.and Vlahos and the Chevalier are brilliant in this time of same sex acceptance of love today, this part of the story is brilliantly told and portrayed, and is liberating and not unseemly in any way..very hard to do this well as you have done Thank you I could go on and on..This subject was always a great sitter for film and TV drama because of the daring of the palaces concept itself.
    One time when royal megalomania really paid of for long term brilliance of French style, as Louise intended ,and so brilliantly achieved against all the odds, before the guilotine terror that came later, and the shocking murder and sadness of Marie Antionette, had spoiled Royal glamour forever
    .I hope the French appreciate what has been achieved by this series and mainly by another country (Britain(the enemies in this series, recognising France and her greatest modern king, a wonderful achievement for world arts and culture, that still influences the view of France today. Frances aura of sophistication, glamour, and .fashionable style and dance.Louise legacy
    .Perhaps some further reference to the actual palaces social culture, and buildings progress and Lully,,can help too, and of course the gardener (now sadly gone, and brilliantly played was the outlet for showing Louises genuine interest in his palace and garden concept and creation..(very well done this)The series is called Versaille so it is important not to lose site, of this with the drama,which is so brilliantly and so mesmerisingly done,and forget Louises raison detre, in the process. Thank you for this great TV creation one that will last forever,and become a classic of French culture as War and Peace.has done for Russian culture.

  11. Maggie

    There are spoilers I’ve read for S3 but can’t vouch for their authenticity: that whilst Philippe is away, the Chevalier goes a little dark by incurring debts in gambling dens and consorting with ‘like-minded men’, which I take to refer to his sexual inclinations.

    (Oh, and Alex said that he had a magical scene with Evan in episode 1, so the war sounds a bit
    short-lived, if he returns so soon.)

    Well, the Chevalier committed infidelities in s1, whilst Monsieur was campaigning. Justifying it, I believe, in the conversation.with his cousins by asking that if someone he adored had sex without his permission, wasn’t he free to restore parity by having sex with others of his choosing? ( Monsieur had previously had sex with an unwilling Henriette.)

    In that lovely cabbages/hair scene with Montespan, he falters, subtly, when she says the campaign will soon be over and she hopes he’s
    waited. ln the scene when he’s shown waiting for Monsieur’s return, he looks very troubled at first. He’s leaning heavily over a table with his head bowed, before he shakes his head to clear it, pinches his cheeks and then affect nonchalance.

    I always wondered if he was apprehensive that if Montespan knew of his infidelities, then others did and would’ve informed the prince. Which of course they had, because he’d pointedly brought back.with him a book.of anthems by men of chastity.

    And what I love about s1 Chevalier, is that he always tried to brazen it out. Even later, when he was released from prison, he didn’t at first apologise, but again attempted to brazen it out. Later, unfortunately, we got the self-pitying ad-lib of:
    If you don’t love me, then nobody loves me…

    Which I loathed but seem to be in a tiny minority.
    (I liked his declaration of love for Monsieur, but not making himself sound pitiable.) Sadly, it was a portent of how he’d change in s2.
    Apologies for the length of this post; it got away from me.

  12. Maggie

    My apologies again. There may be two posts from me on the same topic. When I tried to submit the first I was told that it hadn’t worked, so tried again later when I saw you’d kindly responded to my question asking you for your opinion on a s1 / 05 episode

  13. Mary clark

    I really hope that there’s a season 3 coming out soon I just recently got done watching season 1 and season 2 and loved them my husband loved it too. Knowing that Louis brothers bisexual was my husbands favorite. So yea I would like to see a another episode soon.

  14. Tag

    I might be the only one but I love the relationship between Fabien and Sophie and I want to see this explored more. They have such an interesting dynamic and I want to see more of it. Tygh Runyan has said the same. Sophie’s clearly still alive at the end of S2, so I’m holding out for a reunion between them.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Hi Tag
      I too liked the Fabien/Sophie dynamic. There are times when he looks at her and you can see his interest, so I wonder if they are going to play more on that in S3.

  15. Kumar

    I love Fabien Marchal (Tygh Runyan) a lot. I like his character as a loyal person protecting the king and others. He is a loving person even though he may look very serious and strict ( suit his character). I want to see him happy because they killed both of his love interest. He deserves to be happy with someone. I don’t like Sophie but at least with someone rather than left being alone. But I have checked wiki and IMDB information about the casting for season 3. Sadly,his character or name just credited for the first 3 episode only. I guess we won’t be able to see him or his character for the whole season. That is so sad. If they are gonna kill his character in episode 3 then that’s it, I’m gonna stop watch after that. Anybody have any information about his character historical wise? Will his character be killed eventually?

    1. Maggie

      He’s in later episodes as well, because Alex Vlahos has said that Monsieur and Fabien form a Holmes/Watson partnership, to track down.this tiresome sounding (my words) masked character.

      Also, Tyghe’s last day of filming was in October, along with the other principals. His character is fictional, although Louis had employed a real-life equivalent, I read.

    2. Maggie

      He’s in later episodes as well, because Alex Vlahos has said that Monsieur and Fabien form a Holmes/Watson partnership, to track down this tiresome-sounding (my words) masked character.
      Alex said that he’s pursued for 7 EPs and the final 3 are dealing with the revelation.

      ( I hope it turns out better than it sounds, given that, although no statement has been made, the vibe from the actors is that the series won’t be renewed. And this will be our final view of these characters and needs to make up for what the writers did to the MonChevy relationship and the Chevalier’s character assassination in S2.)

      Also, Tyghe’s last day of filming was in October, along with the other principals. His character is fictional, although Louis had employed a real-life equivalent, I read.

      1. Kumar

        Wow, what a relieve. Thanks so much for the quick reply and explanation regarding his character and a brief storyline for season 3. I’m excited. I’m watching this episode just for his character, history and their culture. It’s kind of disappointing to get to know its gonna end very soon but still, I’m excited to know what they have planned for season 3. Thanks maggie

  16. Jenny

    I love this series so much! I love fabien and it broke my heart when they killed Claudine off like!!!! Why!!!!!!!!! I hope season 3 is not their last!!!!! I love the queen! From history madame scarron persuade louis to treat the queen better would love to see them loving on eachother even if its one sided lol

  17. Nick

    I like this series very much but what IS it with the pillar candles that are seen everywhere? Fine for churches in this period but at state banquets? Beeswax tapers were the norm for the rich in this period, lower classes made due with rush lamps, etc. No idea why those who deal with sets and costumes can’t get things right. George Blagden was also in the series “Vikings”, and it too got things wrong: 9th century French royals sitting on baroque thrones; Catholic clerics wearing rosaries around their necks (not done)some 400 years before rosaries even existed; priests wearing stoles over their chasubles, not done until the 1960’s. And don’t even get me started on Viking women wearing tight leather outfits, looking like “The Avenger’s” Emma Peale! I blame Blagden….yeah, that’s it. 🙂

  18. Jean

    All I want to know is when Series 3 of this tremendous epic is scheduled to return to our screens in GB j
    Just can’t wait.

    All I want to know is when we can expect to see series 3 on British TV.

  19. Laura G.

    I keep hearing thast they’re going to do the “Man in the Iron Mask” thing, and all I can do is fall on my knees and implore, “Nooooooo!!!!”.

    Yes! I want the Mancinis!

    I really hope that Sophie doesn’t manage to kill Cassel- He’s a rotten rat, but such a dry, witty (on his good days) rat and I love Pip Torens. (We’re only on the second to the last episode tonight, in the States.)

    I hope they have some Molière. Back in the late 1970s, there was a fascinating French mini-series about the life if Molière. Been interested in him ever since.

    I want to see the Chevalier brought closer to an accurate portayal. This episode where he tries to shot himself out if jealousy over Thomas Beaumont was nauseating. I cannot imagine the real Chevalier doing such a thing. Puh-leeze.

    And of course- more Fabien!!!

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Hi Laura! Sadly, I think there will be no Molière – he died in 1673 and I have heard that S3 picks up when Louis is 40 (?? that would make it 1678).

      No spoilers about Cassel 😀 And I am TOTALLY with you with the Chevalier de Lorraine. I think his character in eps 1 & 2 of S1 was more in line with who he was.


  20. Dolores

    I think I know who Fabien is combined with…d’Artagnan!!! And I think Fouquet is the Man in the Iron Mask, or shall I say Velvet Headcovering.

  21. kumar

    I love Fabien and I want more about him in season 3. I don’t care about the other character lol. I watched this one only for his character and how loyal he is protecting the king although it may look like the king doesn’t even appreciate what he is doing for him. and who is this d’Artagnan??

    1. Maggie

      Dolores: Who is Fabien combined with? That may have been a humorous question,but did you mean with regard to hunting down the Man in the Mask? Alex has said that he and Fabien form a Holmes/Watson team to find him.

  22. Maggie

    Regarding dArtagnan/Dumas, thanks to a very helpful comment from Jules, I recently reread ‘The Vicomte de Bragelonne’ and ‘Louise de la Valliere’ (last read by me a 100 years ago),in which Monsieur and Chevalier feature as somewhat minor and much disparaged characters.

    Thank you very much, Jules, for the reminder that Dumas included them. You mentioned it, but I can’t see any reference by Dumas to the Chevalier possessing fair hair, in these two novels …

    As Dumas drew heavily on Histoire de Madame Henriette d’Angleterre by Marie-Madeleine La Fayette, I’ve been trying to find an English edition, as my French is so terribly rusty but, strangely, there doesn’t seem to be one. Very frustrating.

  23. Georgina

    Will season 3 be the last we see of this fantastic series, as we know louis died in his forties, so I cant see this stretching out to season 4, such a shame, best historical series I have ever seen on tv. Please hurry up with season 3, I am getting withdrawal symptoms!!

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Georgina, it is looking more likely that Season 3 will be the end of the series. But never say never! There is still a lot of fascinating stories and court intrigues during Louis XIV’s reign that would be fabulous to see on screen (comte de Vermandois, anyone? 🙂 ) Louis was an old man when he died in 1715 – four days short of his 77th birthday.

      1. GypsyWoman

        I will be very sad if there is no Season 4 but nothing good lasts forever. What about the Duc d’Orléans? I been doing some reading and he had, what I found to be, a very interesting life. I would like to see scenes from his youth, possibly via “memory”, and go forward to his death. More about HIS relationship with Henriette, his relationship with the Princess Palatine, and with his children. I have read that his bloodline ran through more of Europe than Louis’. Is that true?

        1. JulesHarper Post author

          That is true! He is known as ‘the Grandfather of Europe’ and his descendants are spread throughout Spain, France, Belgium and Portugal.

  24. Brittania

    I need to see Fabien (I love his first name too much to call him Marchal) happy. Maybe he finds Sophie…

    And I agree, I am LIVING for the head musketeer. Also I really love the Chevalier and his whiney pants. Sometimes I forget about Louis and think it’s the Phillipe and Chevalier show.

  25. andrea

    Haven’t slept in two nights Thanks to Versailles ! I love love love this series and need season 3 asap ! Superb writing and the actors have a hold on my heart. I have been to Versailles and i’m not sure but it looks as though they actually did some filming there. Now i will sleep and dream of Versailles <3

  26. Mbedge

    Season 3 hurry! I am in love with Versailles and will myself to dream of Monsieur every night. He is breathtaking! Superb storytelling and superb actors… Versailles has my !

  27. Cathe Erickson

    What is it with Fabian Marchal? I thought I was crazy that I waited for him to show up on the screen, but it sounds like others feel that way too. It seems like his is the only pure heart in the story, despite his actions. Sophie looks like she’s in his future, but she DID poison her husband and despite his comment that she is “innocent” she is not. He really hates the poisoners, doesn’t he? Thoughts…..

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Innocent in the bigger poisoning plot that was rife throughout Versailles, maybe? We do see Marchal’s conflict when he hears Sophie has to marry Cassel. It does not sit right with him, knowing Cassel and what is in store for her. Maybe he also has some inner conflict, too… maybe even some guilt? So instead of exposing her deed, knowing all that Cassel has put her through, he allows her to escape.

    2. kumar

      I guess we all love Fabian Marchal A LOT more than the other characters. I feel something great about his role. So brave and intelligent. Protect everybody in his own way. Love his loyalty to the king. I watched this series only for his character and hope he will get a longer screen presence this time. I do not want him to be in love with someone and get cheated again and disappointed. He is better be alone if they are going to give a fake love interest or a murderer. One more thing, is it kind of a popular thing back then to poison someone? easier way to kill someone? So scary actually.

      1. JulesHarper Post author

        Kumar, poison was very popular at the time. You could put something in drink, or perfume or food and no one would know who it was. It’s a very ‘hands off’ approach to killing. I read something by a cop a while back, and he said that poisoning is a method more favoured by women (rather than shooting or stabbing), because of the ‘non confrontational’ aspect.

      2. Mel

        Umm, well I can’t say that *I* love Marchal more than the other characters. Even tho we met Tygh at the Paris con and he seems a lovely guy. My focus is Chevalier and Monsieur, and it appears that there won’t be much MonChevy in s3. But a ridiculous amount of time wasted on the chase for the Man on the Iron Mask instead –how hackneyed. It’s been done so often.

        As if they hadn’t already used the mask device with Rohan in s1.

        What a shame. I so loved the Chevalier in s1, but they reduced him to a mincing buffoon in s2. I suppose we’ll be lucky to.see.him.at alll in s3. Evan was one of.a handful.of actors in the series able to transcend the clunky dialogue. Unlike poor George.

        1. Suki

          I don’t recall–did we actually see Rohan killed? If not, perhaps he will be revealed to be the MITIM? But it will be a velvet mask.

          1. JulesHarper Post author

            we did 🙂 In the very first ep. He was beheaded by Marchal, after having his eyes burnt out. I was confused too, because he was all beaten up and bloody.

  28. Mimi Mendez

    Marchal is indeed a hottie. Can anyone remember his bare chest scene when he is banging the daylights out of Sophies Mom? Swoon. Hot flush.

    Sad about the news that s3 will be the last. Shame they can’t keep it going for another few seasons. It’s about Versailles and not just Louis so surely they could plod along for another season or 2? Hmm. Maybe not.

    Roll on s3. I so can’t wait.

  29. Flora

    Hello everyone!
    I apologize ahead of time if someone already asked/responded to the following questions. I was wondering if anyone has an idea when season 3 will air in Canada and perhaps on what station. Also if anyone knows where (besides paying for online streaming) we can watch season 3 in french. I know it began on Canal+ on April 23 but on my channel of Canal+ International (which btw is a french channel) it is not airing. Thank you to anyone who has any feed back.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      Hi Flora! If you are on Twitter, I suggest you follow @VersaillesFam because they are the first to know 🙂 They also have a FB group.

  30. Eva Veverka

    Jules, there was recently a special on American Heroes Channel re THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK. The basic theory “I” got was that he was some high-ranker who committed an unspeakable crime.

    What I don’t get about ‘that’ is that WHO knew what ANYBODY really looked like. I mean, who would actually KNOW what Louis ‘or’ Phillippe looked like? In jail he’d look like anybody covered in filth, right?

    I would just like to know if current scholarship ‘does’ tell us who the unfortunate fellow is (when the Leonardo DiCaprio movie came out some science-type wrote an actual dissertation that his beard would KILL him ‘and’ he would be unable to eat).

  31. Eva Veverka

    Thank you. Very intensive investigation of all the issues and possible Masked Men.

    Very interest in how the show handles this. I mean, anything they say will probably be possible!

  32. Camille Johnson

    I have enjoyed the story line in the series Versailles. I especially enjoyed the character role of Fabien Marchal. I too (like many others) looked forward to seeing him on screen. I understand his character will be killed in season 3 what a loss!


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