The one with The Untamed Recaps – Episodes 11 to 17

Part 3 of The Untamed recaps (you can read Eps1-5 here and Eps 6-10 here).



  • Madame Yu – Yanli and JC’s mum
  • Jinzhu and Yinzhu – Madame Yu’s badass girl bodyguards
  • Wen Xu – Wen Chao’s bro

Plot Summary

JC, WWX and Yanli reunited.

MengYao tells Fanboy Nie, WWX and JC he’s been banished. They are all wtf at Red Blade Master, who refuses to elaborate.

JC and WWX go back to their home at Lotus Pier.

Some smaller clans are now seeking protection and Madame Yu rants about the indoctrination demand – if they don’t send JC, they will be deemed enemies and the Wen clan will destroy them. She is also mucho pissed that JC – her actual son – has to go, while WWX – her husband’s favourite – can decide if he wants to go or not, since he’s not the actual heir but hubby treats him like one. The camera lingers on her hand and a chain/ring/wrist thing snake decoration (it is Zidian and we saw this on JC’s hand in ep2).

Madame Yu and bodyguards – the visuals and costumes are so impressive

Chao ambushes LWJ on the way back to Cloud Recesses but he manages to escape by using one of WWX’s talismans (yay!)

Wen Xu (Chao’s bro) invades Cloud Recesses then breaks the wards around the back hills. Bro XiChen runs off with the books while QiRen hides in The Cold Pond Cave with the clan members. A fight breaks out and LWJ arrives to protect them with his magic guqin. SuShe useless asshole is captured and turns traitor, revealing that the headbands are the key to getting into the cave. LWJ exits the cave to save the hostages from getting killed. Wen Xu tells his guards to break his leg, which makes LWJ drop his shard of Yin Iron. Accio three pieces of the Yin Iron for Wen clan.

At Lotus Pier, WWX and JC practice kite shooting (the paper kind, not the bird kind), showing off WWX’s talents. They then leave for Qishan.

Wen Ruohan threatens Qing, saying if she disobeys him, he’ll turn his puppets on Ning.

Everyone arrives at Qishan – JC and WWX, Nie, Peacock Jin. The Lan clan are notable in their absence. Then LWJ is brought out and the dude is so noble and haughty and SO NOT COWED even though he is a literal prisoner I loves him so much.

Ending Hook
No weapons are allowed. They have to hand over all their swords. This is awful because their swords are a spiritual thing, a source of power, an extension of themselves. They give them names, ffs.

Character Development
More evil shit from Chao. Development of Madame Yu and her resentment of WWX, plus huge unresolved tension/anger between her and husband. It’s clear this has been simmering over many years.

Some nice brother bonding between WWX and JC (for all the good that will do them. Dun-dun-DUUUUUN)

Questions Raised
– What’s going to happen to them all now??? Are they going to rebel/escape/revenge on Chao?
– XiChen and the books are now MIA

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
Three pieces of Yin Iron are now in Wen clan hands


Wang Lingjiao – evil bitchface mistress to Chao (how on earth Chao is married, I have nfi…)

Plot Summary
Peacock Jin refuses to give up his sword, but after a bit, finally does. Everyone is at the mercy of Chao.

Qing warns Ning not to be friends with WWX et al. #ProtectiveSisterMode.

Peacock Jin Zixuan done with everyone

They are all confined to their rooms. JC packs and finds the comb he bought for Qing. WWX reads the Wen rules/codes of conduct. When Chao demands they recite them, WWX volunteers then recites the Lan clan codes Everyone is mucho lol (except JC, he is mucho angry) and Chao punishes them by sending WWX, LWJ and Jin to shovel shit in his veggie patch. WWX insults Chao again, Chao ties him up, LWJ defends him and this is a nice precursor of all the crap to come. LWJ is felled because bad leg. Bit of a standoff, where LWJ leans in to support WWX. WWX is thrown in the dungeon as punishment, accompanied by a rabid dog (which looks like an animatronic muppet. Surely they could’ve CGI’d it a bit…). But Ning to the rescue who shoots acupuncture needles and puts it to sleep so WWX will survive the night. Tells WWX of the destruction of Cloud Recesses and the beating/leg breaking LWJ received. Gives WWX medicine to help with the bites and WWX keeps it for LWJ (always thinking of his man *Heart eyes*). WWX makes it to sunrise and is released. Bro JC is concerned but as always, it comes across as pissed off. Dude, you gonna give yourself a bloody aneurysm, always going off like that.

Chao announces that Cloud Recesses is now under Wen control, the Nie Clan has been deemed ‘irrelevant’ and implies bro Red Sword Master has been killed. As for the posh Jin clan, they have been co-operative and as long as they don’t cause trouble, Chao guarantees Jin’s parents’ safety. Chao goads JC and WWX, saying FengMian is cowardly by  hiding at Yunmeng and Qing silently indicates WWX should not bite. WWX reassures/restrains JC and they just fume while Chao laughs like the evil shit he is.

Qing knows Ning helped WWX with the rabid dog, and Ning defends WWX.

The indoctrination continues and they are all unenthusiastically reciting the Wen clan rules (except LWJ, you cannot make that dude do anything he don’t want to). Nie faints and is dragged away. A guard appears – there’s a report something weird is happening at Muxi Mountain and evil Chao takes them to investigate – minus their swords, so they cannot defend themselves. My heart hurts when we see LWJ looking so noble and cool but limping as he walks *CRIES* Of course, WWX notices.

Ending Hook
WWX: I should carry you, Lan Zhan. Lemme carry you. (Me: I LOVES YOU, LAN ZHAN LET WEI YING CARRY YOOOOOU!!)

Being a massive evil shit is tiring…

Character Development
Chao escalating his evilness.

More bonding between Qing and Ning.

A little romantic angst with JC and Qing. He really likes her but is hesitant.

More brother bonding between WWX and JC. This is especially bittersweet, given what will happen in the near future. Also more bonding between WWX and Ning, who goes against his sister’s warnings.

Questions Raised
– How far is Chao gonna go before one/all rise up against him?
– Is everyone going to be okay without their swords?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
WWX survives the night with the rabid dog


The Tortoise of Slaughter

Wei Wuxian keeping it real

Plot Summary
WWX convinces Qing to let them rest, because LWJ is in terrible pain. Chao’s bitchface Lingjiao is bossy and mean. WWX finds the cave they’re looking for. They head in, then Chao pushes him over the edge to go and inspect (OMG LWJ panic!!! His I WILL MURDER YOU face at Chao is a wonderful thing to behold) They all make their way down, then Chao commands his soldiers to string up and bleed someone to draw out the evil monster. Lingjiao suggests Jin’s cultivator MianMian, the one WWX flirted with at the inn and the same chick Chao’s been eyeing. Peacock Jin and WWX are having none of that shit, and chaos ensues as Chao’s men attack, Bitchface Lingjiao attempts to brand MianMian (it’s her weapon of choice – we learn she’s fairly useless in the cultivation department) and WWX leaps to save her, getting branded himself and losing the medicine Ning gave him in the process. Then WWX grabs Chao and holds him hostage but the Tortoise of Slaughter appears (just go with it) which is better CGI than the rabid dungeon dog. Chao gets free (snivelling coward) and the bad guys escape the cave. The good guys are trapped.

JC swims underwater to find an exit and take the rest get to safety, but WWX and LWJ are cornered by the tortoise and LWJ protects WWX (*heart eyes*) so now they are trapped and await rescue as the others go get help from the other clans.*escalation of plot – this means none of them can go back to the sham ‘indoctrination’ Wen clan lectures. They’re in a rebellion, boots and all.

In the cave WWX tends to LWJ, getting out the ‘bad blood’ and helping him heal with the little herbs he has. They share gentle moments and it makes me SO HAPPY. WWX tends to mess it up with teasing (“you like MianMian!”) and LWJ’s “DUDE WTAF???” face is simultaneously hilarious/heartbreaking. LWJ tells WWX he should not flirt if he doesn’t mean it. WWX doesn’t understand what LWJ means – he flirts with everyone and it’s normal for him. How could people take it seriously?

Ending Hook
LWJ tells WWX that his bro XiChen is missing. WWX wonders how his bro JC is doing.

Character Development
Chao escalating his evilness. Again.

We are seeing more of Wen Qing as a sympathetic character.

More brother bonding between WWX and JC. WWX’s leadership qualities start to shine. Romantic escalation of WangXian, although WWX tends to ruin it by joking around (Y U LYK THIS, WWX??)

Peacock Jin steps up and becomes more likeable.

Questions Raised
– Again, how far is Chao gonna go before one/all rise up against him?
– Will WangXian get help?
– Will the Tortoise of Slaughter kill them?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
– They all get jack of Chao’s bullshit and rebel
– The rest of them escape the cave


Stone Sword – a source of evil that *spoiler* holds a shard of Yin Iron

Plot summary
WWX and LWJ decide inside the Tortoise of Slaughter’s shell is where they will defeat it. So WWX goes in, and finds cocooned people with their spiritual core stolen, says the tortoise is doing it. Then he finds a stone sword that looks all kinds of creepy, and it screams and emits black smoke when he grabs it. They work out the sword has trapped the tortoise in the cave because powerful evil magic. The tortoise attacks and they both try and contain/defeat it, but it’s WWX’s connection to the sword and the dark energy surrounding it that kills the tortoise. LWJ sees this and you can tell he is worried because #DarkSide.

Healing WWX

After the battle WWX passes out, and LWJ drags him from the water and proceeds to heal him with his energy (not a smexy euphemism – he transfers blue light energy into WWX’s hand with his fingers). All groggy, WWX asks him to sing a song and we hear LWJ hum a tune he’s composed, then WWX has a small flashback to happier times at Cloud Recesses and most of these include LWJ.

Core Melting Hand… I hate you I hate you I hate you… and yet… I find you strangely attractive.

When WWX wakes up, he’s outside with Jin and JC and a bunch of clan dudes. They have been in the cave for seven days, and LWJ has gone. WWX IS SAD. SAD BUNNY. The Jin clan came to their rescue but this means they are in the Wen Clan’s bad books. Wen Chao appears with his men and Core Melting Hand to recover WWX and LWJ’s bodies if they’re dead. He then directs CMH to go forth and spy, just in case they are still alive.

Chao and his bro Wu then go… somewhere. Probably out doing evil murder things,but less attractively than Murder Boi Xue Yang.

Sleeping bebe <33

JC and WWX return to Lotus Pier where WWX  recovers. There’s a little running thread here about how awesome Yanli’s lotus root and ribs soup is – apparently everyone loves it. There’s a nice family moment with him, Yanli, JC and FengMian here.

They persuade the Jiang clan they must fight.

The Stone Sword no longer screams.

JC’s mother Madame Yu has a shit fit over the ‘rise up and fight’ idea – yells and bitches and berates husband Feng Mian. It’s her lands, he thinks more of WWX – as the son of his friend – than his own son, blah blah. LC storms off because cannot handle it.

Brother bonding moment and STILL JC manages to be pissy about it

Ending Hook
A brother bonding moment with WWX – WWX says he is the son of two different people and of course FengMian would be stricter on JC, his only son.  JC is pissed.  He says his father just doesn’t like him or his mother. JC has major daddy issues and there’s also resentment of WWX simmering under the surface. Plus it’s clear he’s jealous that WWX got to be the hero who killed the Tortoise of Slaughter.

Character Development
Chao escalating his evilness. Again.

We see more of Madame Yu (JC and Yanli’s mother) and it is not nice. She hates WWX, and her relationship with husband and son is a complicated one.

WWX’s leadership qualities and his spiritual power shine. When FengMian says he’s suffered a lot, WWX immediately says JC has suffered more, which is really WWX in a nutshell – thinking about others and their wellbeing. It’s a pity JC never really stands beside WWX the way WWX does for him. We will see this again and again in the coming eps.

Peacock Jin is more likeable.

More brother bonding/tension between WWX and JC. More romantic bonding between WWX and LWJ. (I typed this as ‘more boning’…… Freudian slip, obvs)

Questions Raised
– What’s the deal with the Stone Sword?
– Where’s LWJ gone?
– Is bro XiChen safe???
– Will everyone be fighting the Wen clan now?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
– One dead Tortoise of Slaughter
– WWX and LWJ escape the cave
– Madame Yu’s resentment stems from the attention given to WWX. NOT HIS FAULT, FFS.
– JC’s constant anger at WWX (somewhat) explained by what he thinks is his father’s preference to WWX. He is mistaken. It’s all in his stupid head.


Clan Leader Yao – A fat moany minor clan dude who is always moaning and stirring up doubt and shit.

Plot Summary
Minor Clan Leader Yao turns up at Lotus Pier injured, reveals that Wen clan is exterminating all who left Qishan and his clan is all gone. They realise that the Wens will soon come after them and Jiang Clan Leader Feng Mian says he will take Yao to the Jin clan at Yanling (whom they assume are decent people and will not side with the Wens), accompanied by Yanli. WWX and JC are to stay behind and guard Lotus Pier.

Home sweet Wen Clan home… with zombies

Ahhh…. Chao returns home to report to Wen Ruohan that Murder Boi Xue Yang is still missing and causing chaos. Wen Ruohan has a moment where the evil inside him gets all bolshy and he has to battle for control. He’s shocked to learn the Tortoise of Slaughter is now the Tortoise of Dead. Gets angry, tells Chao he must find the suppression seal that trapped the tortoise, plus he can kill whatever clans he wants in Yunmeng (home of Lotus Pier).


Ten days pass, and the Jiang clan boys are practicing their kite shooting skills. Bitchface Lingjiao seizes a kid for some convoluted conspiracy with a kite pattern which is total rubbish. She just wants to start shit. Madame Yu is berating JC again when BitchFace arrives at Lotus Pier like Lady Muck. Spouts some bullshit about Yu’s husband and WWX’s mum getting it on, which makes Yu F-U-R-I-O-U-S. (Story Note: In the novel, Bitchface totally trolls Madame Yu and enrages her by repeating rumours that had been the source of resentment between Madam Yu and Jiang FengMian: everyone knew FengMian wanted to marry WWX’s mother, but Cangse Sanren decided on a servant instead, and the scurrilous (and untrue) rumour that grinds Madame Yu’s beans is that FengMian took in WWX because he is his actual father).

How very dare you

Bitchface goads Madame Yu into whipping WWX with Zidian while JC tries to defend him (good boy). Bitchface then says the penalty will be paid if she chops off WWX’s hand. Pretty sure Yu is seriously considering this, but Bitchface makes the mistake of declaring that Lotus Pier will become a supervisory office of the Wen Clan. Yu loses her shit and slaps Bitchface and it. Is. On. This is a MEGA insult – Yu clan is ancient and Weng clan are nobodies. Yu is so goddamn outraged. Her bodyguard girls start to kill, but Core Melting Hand is summoned and he calls Madame Yu ‘Violet Spider’ (COOOOL but is a backstory that’s never explored in the show).  JC is supposed to stop Bitchface sending a rescue signal but he protects his mother instead, so fails. UGH. Madame Yu manages to hustle WWX and JC onto a boat and binds them, gives Zidian to JC, screams at WWX that she hates him (not the time or place FFS!) and that it’s all his fault (WTF???) and he must protect JC at all costs. It IS TENSE AND EMOTIONAL as they sail off, and eventually they meet the returning Yanli and Feng Mian, who then binds Yanli to them, shoves them off in a different direction then sails to rescue his wife. There is massive prolonged weeping, yelling and general gnashing of teeth as the siblings cannot get free and wail for their father.

Ending Hook
Feng Mian telling WWX to always look after JC and Yanli.

Character Development
Chao escalating his evilness. There is nothing this asshole won’t do, but he is ultimately a coward.

We see Madame Yu’s concern for her husband, so there’s some hope for her. She also didn’t end up cutting off WWX’s hand as commanded – even though she hates him with her very last breath – but it’s clear it wasn’t out of compassion, but rather, Bitchface Lingjiao overstepping her lowly position and so Yu had to slap her down.

WWX’s leadership qualities and his spiritual power are strong here.

Questions Raised
– What’s gonna happen to Madame Yu and Feng Mian?
– What will happen with WWX/JC/Yanli?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
– WWX’s hand was not cut off
– WWX, JC and Yanli appear to be safe


trapped by Zidian

Plot Summary
JC, Yanli and WWX finally get loose and paddle back to Lotus Pier, where a massacre is in progress (the battles and sword fighting are so well done). Without her spiritual Zidian, Madame Yu is losing. Bitchface Lingjiao kills a kid who is about the shoot an arrow at Core Melting Hand. Feng Mian arrives but Core Melting Hand stabs him. Madame Yu then stabs herself and they die together holding hands. This is a bittersweet moment to show they really did love each other in their own way. JC and WWX see the gory result from the rooftop and are justifiably traumatised.

Chao declares all lotus symbols are to be removed, making it Wen clan property, and while he and Bitchface sit on their thrones to celebrate the win and bitch and gossip, JC and WWX run. WWX was severely whipped and yet he still protects JC. This is also bittersweet, considering what is to come.


JC haterages against WWX which bloody shits me, because WWX has lost people he loves too. But he must look after JC and Yanli because he is good and kind and honourable. They fight, they scream, JC says the most horrible things to WWX, screaming that he should’ve let LWJ and Peacock Jin die (because in his mind, this was the catalyst that set it all off). JC loudly and emotionally cries for his loss – his parents, his seniors and juniors, the clan. Meanwhile, Chao takes Core Melting Hand to search for them.

It rains. WWX takes charge and sails the boat while JC and Yanli are inert in their grief. They end up at an inn, and WWX goes out to get medicine for Yanli, who has now got a fever. However, Wen soldiers are searching everyone and are *this close* to grabbing WWX when there’s a disturbance and they run to capture someone else. I understood this to be JC causing a diversion because when WWX gets back to the inn, JC is gone.

Core Melting Hand having a moment

WWX then goes back to Lotus Pier to free JC, catches Ning who says he wants to help. Ning helps by drugging the wine at Chao’s banquet (pretty gross to hold a banquet with dead Jiang Clan hanging from the doorway but then, Chao is very, very gross).

Ending Hook
WWX waits in a boat and has doubts that Ning is on his side.

2021 feels

Character Development
We see how truly awful Bitchface Lingjiao is, but like Chao, is a total coward when faced with a greater power.

WWX takes on the role of protector towards LC and Yanli. His goodness shines, even though some characters are totally obsessed with hating him.

It was bittersweet to see Madame Yu and Feng Mian holding hands as they die together.  JC saw it too.

We see some kind of code of honour with Core Melting Hand, who stops the rest of the clan from stabbing Madame Yu and Feng Mian as they die. He also stops Bitchface Lingjiao from re-stabbing Madame Yu after she’s already dead. So… good, I guess?

Questions Raised
– Is Ning a double agent?
– Will WWX rescue JC?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
– Madame Yu and Feng Mian die
– WWX and Yanli remain uncaptured


Wen Ning to the rescue

Plot Summary
The Wen clan have been drugged and Ning manages to get a beaten and whipped unconscious JC to WWX, who has a boat waiting. Ning says they should go to Yiling, where Qing lives, for his recuperation. Wen Ning is such a sweet and helpful boi and he does not deserve all the pain and suffering that will come to him in the upcoming eps.  It’s also a reminder that JC’s rescue would not be possible if not for WWX, who was nice to Ning and so Ning is happy to help the dude who showed him friendship and compassion.

… sure, Chao.

They collect Yanli on the way, even though they know Chao will soon discover where they’ve gone. They arrive at Yiling and there’s a bit of a stress when some guards bash at the gates but Qing gets rid of them. By this time, WWX is *this close* to losing his shit. He is emotionally and mentally drained but as always, is thinking about JC.  Poor JC. Yeah, I do feel sorry for him, but he’s making it really, really hard to actually like him.

While healing JC, Qing discovers something amiss. JC wakes and realises his spiritual power has gone – Core Melting Hand crushes your golden core and prevents you from making another. He also reveals FengMian and Madame Yu’s cores had been crushed, preventing them from fighting back.  He screams revenge but knows he can’t because no golden core, then rails at WWX for saving him.  Then he sees Qing and goes mental because Wen clan robes (even though we have established umpteen times that Qing and Ning are goodies).  More screaming and wailing ensues. Life as he knows it is over, because how can he live as a mediocre person now???

Smexy Stubble Wei Wuxian

WWX vows to kill everyone involved in the Lotus Pier massacre, then asks Qing for all the medical books. He needs to find a way to restore JC’s missing core. Spends days alone, searching texts and scrolls. 5 o’clock shadow WWX is smexy WWX. Qing brings food that remains untouched. Yanli is still sick and misses him. WWX reaches a dead end, then realises Cloud Recesses has more books and LWJ will help… but those books are burnt, along with the buildings, right?  WWX says he’s the one to blame for everything but Yanli doesn’t believe that. Now Qing starts searching through the books.

Ending Hook
WWX finally finds something about restoring one’s golden core, but Qing says she won’t do it, that it only has a 50% chance of working. WWX says he’ll take that chance.

Character Development
Qing and her healing-ness. She is an interesting character, originally torn between fear-based clan loyalty and not harming people. #ProtectiveSisterMode drives her, and she makes sure Ning knows that they are healers and should never kill, unlike the Wen clan. I think aside from LWJ, she’s the one who understands WWX the most.

JC, WWX and Yanli are numb and in mourning but they still have to get shit done. WWX has lost his only father figure but steps up to steer the boat and take charge while JC and Yanli are in a pit of despair.

We see JC at one of his lowest points (there’s another but we have to wait until nearly the end to see it. Trust me, it’s #RedemptionForWeiWuxian when it happens). Not only did the poor guy see his parents dead, but also had his whole drive and purpose in life (aka his golden core) forcibly and painfully removed. He has gone through some things.

Questions Raised
– Will JC get his golden core back?
– What will Qing have to do to restore it?
– Will Chao catch them?

Questions Answered / Problems solved?
– Ning and Qing are good guys
– They manage to rescue JC
– Answer to restore JC’s golden core found, but with only a 50% chance
– Safe for now

2 thoughts on “The one with The Untamed Recaps – Episodes 11 to 17

  1. Tess

    After the episode with the Lotus Pier massacre, I have a great impression that Wen Zhuliu and Madame Yu had a common past… The tension between them suggests that there was something between them in their youth. A love affair with the bad end? Is it somehow explained in the novel? The screenwriters left a hint and I need an explanation ;). In general, Wen Zhuliu was a rather intriguing character. I feel that he despised Wen Chao and his methods, but he was the type of soldier who is loyal to the end and always follows orders. I’d like to know better his story.

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      It was the same for me – he is very inscrutable and I also got the feeling he was thinking ‘ugh, not this shit’ a lot of times. But of course, a soldier is loyal to his army and generals, so he does what he does. Aurora tells me there is more to him in the novel (ahhhh, we come back to the novel again. Waiting for that December release!)


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