The one where I have a new book.. YAY!

Yay, indeed!  Mucho celebrations at Chateau de Harper where I can finally show off my shiny new cover (look at that pretty thing! <<pets his face>> ) AND give you all the links to buy the first book in The Confessions of Monsieur E series. 

First, the good news.  This series has been gestating in my head for years, and I am so happy to be able to share it with you all.   Who is Monsieur E?  A  boy of many talents – wicked, bawdy, a lover of fancy clothes, fine things and debauchery.  And also, with a knack for telling a story.  Here’s the blurb:

Welcome to the world of Monsieur E. 

From a tiny French village to the glittery debauchery of 17th century Paris…

Take a romp through the wicked court of King Louis XIV…

Nothing is censored. Everything is for sale.

Each book will be novella-length (10,000-20,000 words) and my plan is to release one a month as an ebook.  So far, I have scheduled seven stories and eventually, they will be available in print.

And now the catch.  Amazon is playing silly buggers and so if you are searching for the book on the US site, you will not find it. Or you may find it but will likely get a “this title is not available for purchase.” Here is the sad Amazon US site here.   🙁   Keep trying!  I’ve sent their help desk an email but apparently this is happening across the board with quite a few authors and so “Amazon Help”  is a bit of a misnomer because they are not very.

For the rest of you, you can find Monsieur E at these places:

Amazon DE  |  Amazon UK | Amazon AustraliaAmazon CA   |  Amazon France  | Barnes & Noble  | Kobo  |  iBooks

So lounge elegantly on the chaise, grab some wine and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The one where I have a new book.. YAY!

  1. Tess

    Thanks to you, I spent a very lovely Monday evening with a certain pretty pomme garçon. Merci beaucoup, Jules! 🙂 Are you sure these meetings should not be once a week instead of once a month? Waiting for so long is a pure cruelty… Just saying 😉

    P.S. Please, tell me that the ‘angel in the fancy carriage’ will appear again… #oui

    1. JulesHarper Post author

      XDD I had book 2 half-written but Aurora made a suggestion and now book 2 is bumped to book 3 and I have to now write a new book 2 :/

      PS – oui 😉


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