The one with the new year

Well, here we are in a brand-spanking new year.   Just look at it – so clean and pretty!  Like my brand-new planner, waiting for me to fill it up with my (sometimes overly) optimistic tasks.

And as we say ‘adieu’ to the dumpster fire that was 2018, let’s do a little wrap up.  What actually happened? 

  • We had the final season of Versailles and yes, I know I am SO BEHIND in those reviews but I will get to the why a bit later. Suffice to say, I am not at all looking forward to watching it again to finish off eps 3-10. Probably my biggest disappointment…. and you will see the reasons why when you read those reviews.
  • Due to #reasons, I started a new venture which includes study, but also (sadly) means less free time to do the above reviews. SAD.
  • my partner-in-crime Aurora and I finally saw the publication of our glorious Louis XIV book.  I have a number of years’ experience in book publishing and editing, but a non-fiction book was unfamiliar ground. Big learning curve, especially when it came to sourcing pictures and plates and copyright/creative content issues. Whew! But he’s now out in the world and it feels awesome😊 Also awesome, editing Aurora’s book about Louis XIV’s mistresses. Go buy it! 
  • I finally got Monsieur E into the world, and his story is simmering away in my head, with at least another six novellas to follow. I hope to bundle them up into print form at some stage. Go buy him too!
  • I joined a gym! Yay! It’s been aaaaaages since I was a gym junkie (oh yes, I most def. was) and it is all coming back to me… slowly.
  • I binge watched Season 1 of Stranger Things and I TOTALLY LOVED IT. Not only an awesome story but also fabulous as a writing blueprint.
  • All the fabbo books I bought this year, including a French beauty about travelling to Saint-Cloud  which was printed in 1761….. when Louis XV was alive 😮
  • I finally left Facebook.  👋   🎉  💃

So, what’s next for 2019?   I don’t do resolutions. It sounds too bossy and authoritative. So I generally list my goals for the year, a kinda vague and broad wish list of stuff I’d like to complete by the 31st December. They include:

  • Write books 2+ in the Monsieur E series
  • Write another book for my publisher
  • Finish the first two books in a new series. These will be short, hot novellas, around 20K, and the first three will take place in the present day, centred around a private pleasure club.  Am also planning a few ‘origins’ stories set in 17th century England 😊 
  • Finish my business course
  • Start a graphic design course (have already looked into it… but do I have enough time??😫)
  • OMG finally finish paying off my loan!! (long story about the evils of credit cards and unlimited spending caps. JUST SAY NO, kids.)
  • GAME OF THRONES (April, y’all!)
  • Hopefully going to the Historical Novel Society of Australia’s bi-annual conference in October
  • Some more merch on my store, plus a few more secret developments
  • Get some reading in. I have SUCH a stack of 17th century texts and other Paris and history-related books that I have to read.  Fletcher Knebel’s Night of Camp David is also sitting here, waiting his turn, and the next book in Michael Grant’s Fear series, the next in Alex Scarrow’s Time Riders, Kathleen Duey’s next (if you love wizards, magic and evil things, Skin Hunger was a-w-e-s-o-m-e) and a gajillion books from JD Robb.

Things to be thankful for:

  • not having some kind of injury or heart attack from re-starting at the gym
  • family that stayed pretty much injury/illness free
  • my air conditioning. Srsly, guys, when it is 40+ outside for DAYS AND DAYS, this is some blessing. Also a blessing – my royalties that paid for said air con.
  • better-than-good wifi (aaaaand as I type this, NBC continually buffers on my screen 😒 )
  • Winter. Please, God, can we have the cold before the end of May this year? Pleeeeease?
  • My fur baby who is annoying and loud and frustrating and SUCH a madame but who is also THE cutest fluff ball.
  • Books. Always books.
  • My soulmate, bien-aimé and all-round cheer squad, Aurora.  It’s been over five years and Je t’adore toujours. 😘 ❤️
  • All you lovely people who encourage and cheer from the sidelines, comment on my posts and support me/us in our writing ventures. *special poke at Tess* Writing is such a solitary pursuit and we need all the positive good vibes we can get. Also, money to buy food and pay the interwebz.

Happy new year, all! Here’s to a safe and productive one that gives you many moments of joy.


1 thought on “The one with the new year

  1. Tess

    A big YAY for all your plans! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them 🙂 Good luck, Jules!

    Psst, I thought that The Gym is a coffee shop or something like that :)) Now I’m imagining you as the girl in a blue lycra suit


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