The one with The Untamed Recaps – Episodes 1 to 5

So I have just spent a few weeks watching The Untamed, then rewatching a few mid-season eps, then the last ep twice, then rewatching the first two eps again and now I have rewatched the WHOLE THING AGAIN.

What is The Untamed, I hear you ask? It’s a Chinese Cultivation drama – a mix of historical/costume intrigue, set in a fantasy realm with demons, spirits and magic. “Cultivation” is a Taoist concept in which humans can extend their lifespan and gain supernatural powers through practicing a set of martial and mystical arts involving meditation and the cultivation of Qi. There are different ways of cultivation, and most focus on martial arts. All seem to have meditation in common. One of the first main goals is to create a ‘golden core’ after which – with enough cultivation practice – one can attain a state of immortality. Immortality is the goal of most cultivators, and if one is especially skilled, you can ascend into Godhood (Gods are former humans). Demons, ghosts and walking corpses are something perfectly normal in this kind of world.

The show is a 50-episode Tencent production, which was developed from a BL (boy love) web novel, The Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation by Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù, but due to China’s strict censorship laws, there could be no obvious depiction of boy-on-boy romance. This did not stop the clever scriptwriters and the director AT ALL (WTF IS CENSORSHIP EVEN). In fact, the romantic development, angst and love-and-loss of our two main boys is the whole point of the series (it also adds extra excitement/nuance that the two leading actors Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo look like they are most definitely conducting a romance off-screen – yes, I have researched this EXTENSIVELY thanks to YouTube and the many behind-the-scenes clips WeTV have released.

Look at these gorgeous things in luuuuuurve!

This is an ongoing thing, and there’s gajillions of YouTubers who are constantly analysing their body language, verbal cues, Weibo messages and eye contact via appearances/interviews/behind the scenes to prove that YiZhan are not JuSt ReAlLy GoOd FrIeNdS). #YiZhanIsReal

So, anyway. On to the recaps. I’ve done a linear episode-by-episode summary, listing the major questions each ep raises, and the resolutions when they happen. Sometimes you’ll need more backstory and explanation that’s not necessarily clear or obvious from the show, so I’ll preface that with a story/backstory note.

Story premise

Wei WuXian (WWX) and Lan WangJi (LWJ), two talented disciples of respectable clans, meet during spiritual (aka ‘cultivation’) training and accidentally discover a secret carefully hidden for many years. When they decide to rid the world of the ominous threat, lots of intrigue, machinations and evil-doings follow, clan loyalties are tested and everything finally culminates in the death of Wei WuXian, now known as the evil and feared Yiling Patriarch.

Sixteen years later, Wei Wuxian is brought back to life through a self-sacrificing ritual, assumes the identity of his summoner, Mo XuanYu, and conceals himself behind a mask. Soon Wei Wuxian reunites with Lan WangJi, and the pair start working together to solve the mysteries of the present and unravel the truth behind the events of the past.

So… now you’re up to speed, off we go!

Ep 1 – The Set Up / Blood at the Nightless City


  • Wei Wuxian aka Wei Ying aka WWX – we learn of his reputation as the ‘evil Yiling Patriarch’
  • Lan Wanji aka HanGuang Jun aka Lan Zhan aka LWJ – #unattainableBoyFriend, #GayPanicBoi and younger nephew of Lan Clan Grand Master, Lan QiRen
  • The Mo clan
  • Sizhui and Jingyi – two cute and sassy Junior spirit cultivators from the Lan clan (there’s others with speaking parts in later eps, and I’ll intro them then)
  • Stygian Tiger amulet – stone amulet with evil summoning/controlling/demon powers
  • Tone and feel of a high Asian fantasy – magic, spells, talismans, demons, spirits, sword fighting, good vs evil… plus angsty Boy Love 🥰 ❤️❤️


Plot summary
We open on an epic battle, with sword fights and evil zombie/puppet creatures and black evil smoke. Everyone is trying to get ahold of what looks like a floating chunk of stone – it’s the Stygian Tiger Amulet – and we see Wei Wuxian fall to his death from a cliff, despite Lan Wanji desperately trying to save him. It’s crazy, fast, emotional and tense and the musical score is SPOT. ON. Everyone thinks WWX is a) the height of evil and b) dead. (Note: you will appreciate the impact and emotion of this scene many eps in when you come back for a rewatch. Trust me.)

Sixteen years later…. we find out a guy called Mo XuanYu has summoned the spirit of WWX into his body to get revenge on people who’ve done him wrong. He has four wounds on his arm that will heal once his purpose is complete. Mo’s backstory is complex, so we will attempt to explain as it appears in the eps. (Backstory Note: The ritual Mo XuanYu uses is not very well known. Prior to this, only four people managed to perform it successfully as it demands destruction of one’s own soul and giving up one’s body to the summoned soul. It’s considered blood magic and since it destroys the soul of the summoner, it’s also a forbidden practice. The ritual has conditions and there is no opt out once the summoned soul enters the body. The wounds are a reminder of the contract and get worse until the contract is fulfilled, at which time they are healed. If the summoned soul fails to fulfil the contract in a set time, the summoned soul will be destroyed. This is WWX’s motivation to find out why Mo did it and who wronged him, since he doesn’t want his own soul to be completely destroyed).

In Yongxian Pavilion and for three days, an elder tells stories about WWX to the junior Lan Clan cultivators who have arrived to purify the Mo clan from some roaming evil spirits. They ask if the Yiling Patriarch is really dead and the old man is cagey: ‘maybe. Maybe not’.

We learn Mo XuanYu has cultivator blood (from his father) and went to the Jin clan to gain spiritual training but was kicked out because #reasons (we find out why in Ep40). He was 13 then. It is now 16 years on from WWX’s death fall and he is reincarnated into Mo. Mo’s aunt, uncle and cousin regularly beat him and say he’s insane. WWX is compos mentis in Mo’s body but can’t recall all the memories of his prior life or the recent years as Mo. We are told he always wears a mask or paints his face, and I assume this is to address the issue of the Mo/WWX roles being played by the same actor, and a reason why he can move about without people from WWX’s past recognising him (in the novel, Mo and WWX look physically different). When the junior Lan clan cultivators arrive at Mo Manor to cleanse the evil that has caused a bunch of deaths, WWX-Mo realises they’re using lures that he had made as WWX, but they will only work within a certain radius, but it’s enough to deal with the problem since it’s only Mo village being affected. (Story Note: This is important later, because everyone realises this evil sword spirit was let loose on purpose within this limited radius and cannot possibly have been drawn to Mo village by the lure flags).

Meanwhile, Mo’s angry cousin ignores the cultivator’s rules and steals a lure and then because bad lures/evil stuff, turns into a possessed thing (aka puppet). (Story note: this cousin Mo Ziyuan has a klepto issue with cultivation tools, and it’s likely his mother’s fault, as she told him he’d be a famous cultivator by now if he’d gone to train with a clan instead of Mo XuanYu. And after Mo XuanYu is kicked out, idiot cousin thinks his own chances of joining a clan are now ruined so he’s been stealing cultivation tools without knowing what they do. And he especially loves stealing Mo XuanYu’s stuff).

Now Mo clan father, mother and son are puppets. WWX-Mo works out it’s the Stygian Tiger Amulet and it was hiding in their left hands (just go with it). While the Juniors attempt to subdue evil Mo mother, WWX-Mo turns the father and son on her and they battle it out and then they die. They deserved it. (Story Note: It does appear WWX-Mo is all just casually ‘yeah, you all gotta die’ but he doesn’t arrive at this solution immediately. He first tries to embarrass the Mo family, but it’s not enough to heal his wounds. He only figures they must die after the first one does).

The amulet’s power is now sitting in a sword that appeared the day Mo summoned WWX, and when LWJ arrives like some ethereal being (summoned by the Juniors by magic Lan Bat-Signal), he figures out the evil spirits/sword is tainted by the Stygian Tiger Amulet. WWX sees him, has a massive hearteyes 😍 (well, who WOULDN’T. Just look at him!) then hides. Yet LWJ can sense something amiss (of course he can, IT’S HIS WEI YING). Suspects that WWX has returned. (They have angsty history of course, and this moment takes on greater and more emotional meaning when you get to Ep33)

Ending Hook
As WWX-Mo takes a donkey and leaves Mo Manor, three of his wounds close up. He has no idea who the last one is for.

We see a mysterious person paying the old storyteller man, and the camera focuses on this mystery person’s robes and the fan they carry (the robes/fan really do identify this person but you don’t know this important detail until much later when you’re more familiar with the cast of characters).

Character Development
This is totally WWX-Mo’s story and we get a glimpse of his conflicts and humour in this first ep. There’s also serious stuff which is treated with a deft hand. I love the junior Lan clan boys and their bonding/humour. They are adorable. Their chirpy hero-worship adoration of their teacher HanGuang Jun aka LWJ is so fab <33

There’s quite a bit of character development via dialogue, actions and interaction (which is a great way to set the scene and let the viewer know what’s going on). The musical score by Lin Hai is what absolutely lifts the scenes and conveys urgency and emotion.

Questions raised
– Why did WWX kill himself?
– Why does everyone hate him?
– What is the Stygian Tiger amulet?
– What were LWJ and WWX to each other?
– How did the world become so fucked up with evil?
These are major plot points that do not get resolved until after 32 (YES, COUNT THEM!) flashback eps and we return to the present day story in Ep33.
– who is WWX-Mo’s last wound for? (We won’t know this until Ep42 (!)

Questions answered/ Problems solved?
– Mo’s Revenge 3/4 achieved (this will not be complete until Ep50 (!)

Ep 2 – Stone Fairy to Flashback


  • Jin Ling – teenage Jin clan heir and WWX’s nephew (son of WWX’s sister, Yanli)
  • Jiang Cheng aka JC – WWX’s brother and leader of the Jiang clan. #AngstyAngryBro
  • Wen Ning aka the Ghost General – part of the Wen clan who got turned into a zombie/puppet

Plot Summary
WWX-Mo is journeying with his donkey when he encounters a bunch of people on their way to Dafan Mountain, where weird things are happening and soul eaters have been eating souls. A young girl called Yan seems to be a bit special, and we find out that after her fiancé went missing on Dafan Mountain, she ‘lost her mind.’

There’s a night hunt on (where cultivators hunt down evil prey), and a bunch of cultivators are trapped in special spirit catching nets. They have been set by Ling (of the Jin clan) and he and WWX-Mo exchange angry words. We find out a bunch of stuff: a) Ling recognises him as Mo from three years ago, when his uncle threw him out b) Mo is the illegitimate child of Jin Clan leader Guang Shan c) apparently Mo’s spirit was too weak to cultivate.

The bridal party arrives

Then Jin Ling’s uncle turns up and shiiiiit – it’s WWX’s brother and leader of Jiang clan, Cheng. A pissed off Jin Ling then charges at WWX-Mo but his sword is deflected by OMG Lan Wanji, who floats in like some untouchable noble bride, all dressed in perfect white. *FLAILS*  WWX-Mo knows some shit is going down now and hides. LWJ’s reputation proceeds him: always appearing amidst chaos (hint: we learn why MUCH later). Is he here to hunt or is he looking for someone and we know what you’ve been doing for 16 years (this dialogue is doing an important job – not only revealing character/tension but also a way to bring the viewer up to speed with the story). Young junior Jingyi defends his master and is all ‘dafuck, what you say?’ (I LURVES Jingyi!). Sizhui is the peacemaker – why you has all these spirit nets (that cost a bomb) and make it unfair for everyone else? LWJ casts a silence spell on ranty Jin Ling, which makes WWX-Mo smile because #memories and okay, JC says angry Jin Ling should just take this as a lesson and suck it up. All the nets are destroyed, JC is shitty, srsly wants to hit LWJ but instead storms off. So. Much. Rage. Off everyone goes, except LWJ, who knows that his Wei Ying is hovering close by but STILL WALKS OFF. WWX-Mo breathes a sigh of relief.

WWX-Mo strolls near the river, has a memory flash of his bro and sister, and it is bittersweet and sad. He hears people gossiping about Jin Ling, hears the oft-repeated ‘Wei Wuxian killed his father and was the cause of his mother’s death too’ plus how much JC hates WWX still. UGH. We already like WWX, so this little conflict is an excellent way to push the viewer’s sympathy buttons: developing WWX’s character to show us he’s really a good person and things didn’t happen the way gossip says it did. WWX-Mo then realises young angry Jin Ling is the son of his sister, Yanli. Who is dead. Apparently by WWX-Mo’s hand, if we believe gossip.

The Junior Lan cultivators approach Dafan Mountain, and an old man tends to some graves nearby, which are Wen clan graves that attract evil spirits. Meanwhile WWX-Mo realises the graves are of cultivators (i.e. powerful) and goes to the mountain too, meets the old man (who appears to be an apparition) and works out there isn’t a soul eater at all. And Jin Ling is also in danger. (Story Note: The graves are surrounded by soul grass, which only grows on places with high spiritual power, like cultivator graves. WWX figures something’s wrong because soul eating things would suck the soul grass dry first before hunting living prey, which in turn makes him realise the soul eating thing is probably the Stone Fairy statue he and LWJ originally sealed ages ago).

The Juniors, then Jin Ling and his dude entourage, arrive at Tiannu Temple where the Stone Fairy resides. It becomes animated when Jin Ling makes a stupid wish, WWX-Mo says it’s a soul-eating statue and they all run from the temple. Outside they work out some answers as to the what/why of the Stone Fairy, then it follows them, wreaking havoc (it’s interesting to see Jin Ling shooting three-at-a-time arrows, which is something WWX does later, so maybe he was told of this or shown by his uncle JC). WWX-Mo plays the flute to try and calm it (Jingyi is all ‘dafuck are you crazy??’) but he ends up summoning the Ghost General, aka Wen Ning (who was supposed to have died 16 years ago). And everyone now is all WTF is HE doing here??? and freaking out, but all is good because Wen Ning destroys the Stone Fairy. But now Wen Ning rages and WWX-Mo tries to calm with a special tune that he plays badly in order to cover up his real identity (the tune is called WangXian… this has meaning and history, which we learn later). Then suddenly LWJ is there and there is slo-mo camera WRIST GRABBING and MEANINGFUL LOOKS and HEARTEYES. LWJ obviously realises the insane dude in the mask is his Wei Ying, the soulmate who plummeted to his death 16 years ago and for whom he’s been searching all these years. We learn more about this relationship further on (and the significance of this scene, complete with arm grabbing and OMG eye expressions, which I urge you to watch again after the flashbacks).

While I am wallowing in this moment, screen capping and crying and rewinding to rewatch it a dozen times, Jiang Cheng (JC) suddenly turns up (UGGGH always the downer dude) and berates his nephew Jin Ling and is all shitty and angry. Wen Ning is back? Impossible! But they point the finger at WWX-Mo and now JC is all “JFC you’re back.” He hits WWX-Mo with his spiritual energy whip called Zidian, LWJ protects his man and JC is all ‘HOW VERY DARE YOU.’ WWX-Mo tries to run, JC whips him and WWX-Mo falls. (Story Note: Zidian can pull spirits from bodies and WWX-Mo knows Zidian won’t be able to tear him out since his spirit was invited into the body he’s in. Of course, LWJ doesn’t know that, and he looks visibly panicky because he’s assuming Zidian will pull WWX out and he will lose his bebe 2mins after finally finding him again).

Everyone is wtf? when WWX-Mo does not die and there’s some arguing about WWX still being dead and how JC is supposed to have killed him himself. But how do you knooooooow he’s actually dead?? JC yells and demands WWX-Mo take off his mask. We have a small flashback to the falling-off-the-cliff scene and now WWX-Mo faints. And here is where we go into a 32 (YES) episode flashback.

Fall into flashback… and we are introduced to a young and carefree WWX, bro JC and Yanli (sister) from the Jiang clan, travelling to Cloud Recesses at Gusu, the home of the Lan clan, to attend spiritual lectures. JC is happy and SMILING.

Ending Hook
The Jiang trio and their small entourage stop off at an inn on their way to Cloud Recesses.

Questions raised
– What’s the story with the Stone Fairy?
– What happened to the girl Yan?
– How is the Ghost General/Ning alive?

Questions answered / Problem solved?
– Yan’s story behind her mind loss explained
– Jin Ling’s identity realised
– Stone Fairy explained and eliminated

Ep 3 – No Time to Explain… Go To Cloud Recesses!

Xue Yang aka #ProblematicFave


  • Jin ZiXuan – the peacock boy (not a literal peacock) and heir to the Jin clan, who was betrothed to Yanli as a child but then not for #reasons
  • MianMian – one of the cultivators in Peacock Jin’s clan
  • Lan XiChen – LWJ’s older bro, clan leader and total #awesomeWingman. Vicious chin and jawline and repressed gay feels
  • Grand Master QiRen – Lan head teacher, bearded dude uncle to LWJ and XiChen
  • Nie HuaiSang – (#fanboy – he literally accessorises with a fan) from the Nie clan and totally adorable cinnamon roll
  • MengYao – #DimpleBoy assistant to Nie, formerly of Jin clan. Bastard child of Jin clan leader and his mistress
  • Evil Wen clan – Leader Ruohan, lunatic son Chao
  • Not-so-evil Wen Clan – Qing (doctor chick) and Ning (her sickly sibling bro).
  • Xue Yang – Evil hot murder boi who is currently working with Wen clan and totally my #problematicFave.

Plot Summary
Our three siblings arrive at an inn, only to be kicked out because the posh Jin clan have booked it out. Interactions with peacock Jin and we see there is #history. WWX is a bit of a flirt with the girls, especially MianMian. Then they arrive at Cloud Recesses but forget their invite and are not allowed in.

Dramatic appearance of a white-robe clad LWJ and everyone is W.T.A.F. DUDE YOU ARE UNATTAINABLE GORGEOUS. #BestCharacterEntranceEVA. Intro of mystery re: a dude appears to be infected with some evil spirit and is taken into Cloud Recesses by LWJ for healing.

WWX goes back to get invite – plus alcohol – not realising the rest have been allowed in thanks to inflexible LWJ (huh!). WWX sneaks in and fights on the roof with LWJ because he broke some rules as well as aLcOhOl Is FoRbIdDeN aT cLoUd ReCeSsEs. LWJ breaks WWX’s bottle and WWX is outraged, demands LWJ pay for it  (LOOOOOL).

Grandmaster QiRen and bro XiChen inspect the infected dude, then are interrupted by the arrival of LWJ with WWX.  WWX’s punishment is to transcribe the Lan clan principles 300 times, which annoys WWX mucho. XiChen then explains the Jiangs have been allowed in thanks to LWJ, and it appears LWJ is annoyed/upset/disturbed his bro has imparted this info. WWX apologises to LWJ (“so you are not that grim”) but LWJ is all ‘don’t get in mah face, I has teh confused feels for you’.

Yeah, bro knows there’s a vibe goin’ on

They all check out the infected dude and determine he’s a puppet. Later, XiChen tells LWJ the puppet was made by someone trying wicked sorcery. They must investigate.

Ending Hook
We learn the evil lunatic leader of the Wen clan – Wen Ruohan – is after a magical piece called the Yin Iron so he can control the other clans, sends his son Chao to escort Qing and her bro Ning to search Cloud Recesses for it, and also sends problematic fave Murder Boy Xue Yang to do some other evil doings elsewhere in secret.

Character development
More about the Jin, Jiang and Lan clans and how they interact/relate to each other.

gay sword clench feels x 2

Slow-burn heart feels developing between WWX and LWJ, as WWX is a talented adorable pixie who is confident, chatty, flirty and wants to be everyone’s friend. On the flip side, LWJ is an aloof, solitary, inflexible rule follower who appears cold and unapproachable but you can also see he’s intrigued/annoyed/perplexed by WWX. His eyes hold a bottomless well of pent-up emotion. This will be our end.

bro wat

Some lovely bonding/feels between LWJ and XiChen, where we learn their dad is dead and XiChen wonders if he’s been too strict on his younger bro. He says it’s time for LWJ to make friends with the other visiting boys his own age and this is just a HEART moment between them.  He talks up WWX to LWJ, reminding him they were both matched when they fought, and it’s clear LWJ is feeling seen/called out LOL. XiChen’s little smile when LWJ silently floats away tells me OH HE KNOWS. LWJ has that repressed gay sword clench down pat, tbh (all their swords have names and his is called Bichen).

Questions Raised
– Will Qing find the Yin Iron?
– What infected the dude they found?
– What’s Xue Yang gonna doooo?

Questions Answered/Problem Solved?
– The Jiang clan are allowed into Cloud Recesses (minor speed bump)

Ep4 – Wen Clan Evilness Arrives

flirty, smexy eyes

Plot Summary
Class begins.  We see more of his WWX’s classmates and how they interact. There’s a saluting presentation to welcome the clans and they come bearing gifts for the hosting Lan clan and Lord, they are all SO PRETTEH. Dimple Boy MengYao overhears two disciples gossiping about him being the love child of clan leader Jin and how he was kicked out of Carp Tower (where the Jin clan lives) and of course he becomes flustered/upset, and XiChen steps in to offer nice words that end up in a long, sexy-eyes-awareness look. They then totally have a moment of illicit finger touching that is obvs meant to show the development of their friendship but srsly, GAY VIBE ALERT (btw these actors are totally a ship #ZhuLiuHai)

The evil Wen clan then interrupt the saluting presentation of Ceremony Day and swords are drawn and it’s a stand off with everyone ready to fight and I am all ‘wtf??’ at this rude and sudden escalation of aggression. This will be our default mode when it comes to Wen Chao. XiChen then plays soothing music on his magic flute and everyone is disarmed and calm is (somewhat) restored.

Friendships are formed, including lots of banter and gossip between WWX, JC and Fanboy Nie. WWX and Fanboy Nie go fishing, and WWX gives Ning some archery pointers.

Grand Master QiRen and XiChen are suspicious of the Wen clan just randomly turning up for lessons when they never have before.

WWX questions cultivation methods, foreshadowing the plot development to come. He is punished for this rule breaking and LWJ is to accompany him to the library to make sure he completes it (forced proximity is one of my all-time fave tropes, ngl)

WWX wonders what Qing is looking for in the remote back hills of Cloud Recesses.

I fancy you, so – SWORDS

Ending Hook
WWX is surprised by LWJ in the back hills and they exchange sword blows because that’s how you show repressed gay feels for the cute popular boy, doncha know?

Character Development
The Jiang family dynamic – JC is the angry hothead, WWX is the fun loving flirty happyboi, Yanli the calming family influence. JC appears to be overly concerned/angry about how WWX conducts himself, which is shown to great effect by his UGH expressions, frowns and little eye rolls throughout the ep.

I love the classroom scenes where WWX bonds with his friends, especially Fanboy Nie. It shows good character development, and also highlights the huge differences between him and LWJ. A friendship of sorts also forms between WWX/Ning.

Questions Raised
– Where is the missing Yin Iron?
– Will Qing find the Yin Iron?
– Dude, what happened to Ning to turn him into the Ghost General? (this will stay unresolved until many flashback eps in)

Questions Answered/Problem solved?
– Infected dude is missing his spirit. He is now a puppet for evil doings

Ep 5 – In The Library / Water Ghosts

Su She – a Lan clan member and massive asshole who will turn up later to be a whiny jealous fucktard and SPOIL EVERYTHING.

Plot Summary
A silent LWJ drags WWX to his punishment in the library, where WWX pouts and teases and chatters away and is generally an annoyance to LWJ, who is stoic, exasperated and shocked. Dude, you are sooooo intrigued. We find out WWX is adopted: Jiang clan leader Feng Mian took him in after finding him scrounging on the streets. Eventually LWJ gets tired of WWX’s chatter and casts the Silence Spell on him.

Ning and Qing have a chat – Ning doesn’t know Qing is looking for the Yin Iron and Qing asks him if he’s felt weird since arriving (obvs because his body can sense the Iron if it’s close). Qing is sad she cannot cure Ning, vows to take him away from the Nightless City eventually.

WWX finishes his punishment in the library after three days (Story Note: in the novel it’s three months) and gifts LWJ with a drawing of LWJ (complete with pretty flower in his hair) and then places a risqué pic in LWJ’s book and FINALLY we have LWJ showing some emotion even if it’s “HOW VERY DARE YOU LET’S GO OUTSIDE AND DUEL.” WWX is teasing and cute… And LWJ tells him to piss off, then rips up WWZ’s drawing gift. WWX is sad and exasperated, says LWJ is not all that.

Later, WWX gossips with JC and Nie and is proud he provoked LWJ to lose his cool. “I will tell everyone I am the first one.” OF COURSE YOU WILL. JC is all UGH WHY U DISGRACE OUR CLAN but WWX coaxes him from his mood. The moment is interrupted when they spot a smoke-spirit owl – it’s the Wen clan’s – and Nie says the owls are spies.

getting past the Chinese censors because ART

LWJ tells bro XiChen that some of the wards in the back hills have been disrupted and he has spotted WWX hanging about there. XiChen knows it’s not WWX. Su She then rocks up to tell them water ghosts have appeared in a nearby town, which is suspiciously the same time the spirits are being snatched from cultivators.

JC and WWX go see Yanli and Qing is there, which prompts a rare but glorious smile from JC. There is some eye flirting between Qing and JC. Qing sees the sibling interaction/love between Yanli and WWX and is reminded of her feels for her own bro.

LWJ and bro XiChen go to banish the water ghosts, and Qing, Ning, JC and WWX invite themselves along. Su She proves himself totally useless in this event. They defeat the water demon with talismans and magic and music playing.

WWX knows there’s something odd going on with Ning and gives Qing a talisman to protect her brother.

Ending Hook
They float down the river in boats after defeating the demon and there’s some teasing from WWX to LWJ (XiChen sees this and is totally down with it), then WWX grabs some alcohol from a vendor as they pass by.

FINALLY, angry Lan Zhan

Character Development
The growing relationship between WWX and LWJ as they are confined to the library for WWX’s punishment, with LWJ constantly rebuffing WWX’s overtures of friendship and remaining stoic and unmoved by him… until the risqué picture.

When LWJ is all “no” and “there’s no need” to accompany them to defeat the water ghosts, XiChen is totally cool with them coming to help. And when they confront the water demon, LWJ saves WWX by grabbing his collar and WWX says, “you can hold my hand! We are not strangers.” And LWJ is all “I don’t like to touch people,” and, “we are not close at all.” XiChen is Team WWX and talks him up to LWJ whenever he can, says he sensed LWJ wanted WWX and JC to come along.

More sibling bonding of Qing and Ning, plus WWX’s genuine concern for Ning.

JC contemplates buying a hair comb for Qing but then decides against it.

Questions Raised
– Wtf is going on with Ning’s zombie eyes?
– Will they defeat the demons?

Questions Answered/Problem Solved?
Water demon defeated

3 thoughts on “The one with The Untamed Recaps – Episodes 1 to 5

  1. Tess

    Hi Jules, it’s a pleasure to leave a comment on your site again :-). You know I have seen the first two episodes of “The Untamed” before, but I watched them once again with your reviews. Thanks for all the tips on what to pay attention to. It’s very helpful. I already know that I will also definitely come back to some scenes :D. I have my own ritual, I watch one ep. a day, always before going to bed when it’s quiet at home, with headphones in my ears (this way flute music sounds best :)). It’s like listening and watching beautiful bedtime stories.
    Tell me, have your next recaps ready? I hope you have 🙂 Btw, you mentioned in your 5th ep. recap (the library scene) that WWX was adopted. I was confused because there was nothing about it in the version I saw. To be sure, I watched this piece on YT with different subs and still nothing. Do we watched different versions? Or maybe this is a knowledge from the novel….
    P.S. A big THANK YOU to Aurora for finding such an eye-pleasing gem 🙂 ❤️

  2. JulesHarper Post author

    Hey Tess 🙂
    So, I watched the Netflix version, which is edited a little differently to the YouTube versions – YT seem to have extra bits on the gay angst/touching/longing looks that give better context to the growing WWX/LWJ romance. As to the adoption revelation – WWX tells LWJ in the library scene. Later, WWX will have flashbacks to his childhood – on the streets, Feng Mian finding him, bringing him home, and interaction with young JC and Yanli.

    1. Tess

      So, you want to tell me there are different versions of the episodes??? Now I’m intrigued. I understand a bit different versions of the translation, but adding or removing scenes… I don’t like such policy. And you are saying that the Netflix version may lack some nuances… I have a legal access to Netflix, but apparently Netflix Poland decided that Polish viewers are not a target for Chinese fantasy dramas and we haven’t The Untamed in our offer :((. I’m watching it on V..i (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). They have the best subtitles, no typos and they describe each new character with their full name and which clan they come from.
      In this version, in ep.6, WWX told LWJ that they both lost their parents early (so I guessed Mr. and Mrs. Jiang aren’t his biological parents), and in ep.7, WWX revealed to Lan Yi (in the cave) that he was adopted. I hope nothing more important has been changed…
      Last night I watched ep.15 (the first one entirely without Lan Zhan [insert crying emoji]) and I can see that the carefree episodes are over and very emotional events begin. I was curious what turned Wei Ying from the most charming/cheerful young man into the most hated character. I suspect it has something to do with a certain dark sword (don’t tell me!).
      The whole cast is just amazing, I can only have some doubts about the age of the actress who is casted as Jiang Cheng’s mother. She is great but it would be physically impossible for her to give birth to him. She would had to do this in kindergarten 😉
      P. S. You didn’t tell me the most important thing. When the new reviews will be ready? Have mercy!!
      And more memes please! 😀


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