The one where I haven’t posted in ages and I am SO SORRY, do you forgive me, my loves??

me, thinking about my adult responsibilities

Right, yes. Well. This is embarrassing. Want to know what’s kept me away from you all these *checks calendar, mutters* few-or-so weeks? *inserts gratuitous pic of Evan Williams as Philippe de Lorraine looking dreamy*

WORK. OMG WORK.  For reasons that shall be known only to myself and the government, I have been involved in a new venture so I won’t be a BURDEN ON SOCIETY and sponge off hard-working taxpayers (even though I have  been one of those tax payers for ages). Why should you care? Well, it means I must get back to book writing, plus I am developing some other stuff that is visual and pretty and it makes my brain very happy because I am a Gemini and need to be doing a gazillion things. But also, paradoxically I tend to bitch about all the stuff I neeeeed to dooooo. *cue my daily planner which has saved my sanity SO many times*

So I look at my Versailles reviews and cry into my coffee that no, I cannot take a week to finish the S3 reviews because it is a week I do not have.  I am gearing up for a writing conference in August, which is MUCHO exciting because I have not been able to afford one in years and years.   Am also soon gonna dive into Aurora’s latest and edit her current work-in-progress.   Still working on Monsieur E’s next adventure (where he finally gets to Paris and Adventures Happen!).  Also on my to-do list – finishing my business course and still thinking about the graphic design one; developing a three-book story set in the time of Louis XIV (gay French boys in breeches! YAY!!) and doing other creative stuff that will (hopefully!) bring in the monies.  Oh, and I’m excited about another book I’m developing… a queer YA romance set in the 1990s at the turn of the decade, and all the research I have to do for  all the tech/music/pop culture/news that was around then. 😁 Add to that the crazy dumpster fire of the world around us right now (Article 13, Brexit, pirates stealing content, drama in Romancelandia, renewing my website and SSLs, gun control, et al), and my head gets tired real quick.

BTW I know a lot of you aren’t writers and don’t come here to listen to me banging on about writing technique and stuffs, and that’s cool.  However, if you are a writer or want to be one,  keep checking in on my Twitter because I periodically tweet/RT some stuff that will hopefully help you creative clever people.  And you can always DM me, too.

Bonjour for now xx

6 thoughts on “The one where I haven’t posted in ages and I am SO SORRY, do you forgive me, my loves??

  1. Maxi

    : ( I just got into Versailles and your writings help me ‘get it’! I hope you change your mind and finish the series. Thank you.

  2. A Concerned Viewer

    Will you ever finish the Versailles reviews? Like is this a “one day I’ll get back to it” or a “sorry, but this is the end”, sort of situation? 🙁

  3. Matthew

    The book you and Miss Morning Star wrote was both inspirational & succinct, with just enough pages to purvey the passion with which it was intended!

    A friend purchased it for me, as an aid to both inform & inspire my own writings on Louis XIV – a valuable tool in my creative meanderings…

    “It is with love I rule; with lust I fight; with lambent wonder Maketh love & with gentle dispositions so bite”. (From my Louis XIV).

    all the best…


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