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The one where I’m consumed by BL drama

Okay, so how is it September 2022??? Seems like I fell into a BL drama hole these past two months (feels MUCH longer!) and couldn’t get up. OMG, Jules! I hear you say. What is this awesome-sounding thing you’re into and why are you obsessed? Well, come closer, my bébés, and let me give you a crash course. Just like… Read more »

A rant about the UK press and their Versailles reviews….

So with Versailles about to hit the British screens in a few hours, Twitter has been inundated with articles, reviews and think pieces about the show…. and as you can imagine, they have pretty much been focusing on the sex aspect. So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give my 2c worth. Because unlike most of these journalists,… Read more »